Myan uses his life experiences & can do attitude to inspire our learners to achieve course completion & employment. His style is reflected in his recent book, YOU CAN. It provides our learners with the opportunity to revisit his induction session and continue to be re-inspired as they progress through their course. I believe that this book is a must read for all learners at IAL.

ROBERTA BUDVIETAS, Ex General Manager, Institute of Applied Learning (IAL), Auckland

I was Academy Manager when Myan worked with our students, many whom were referred by Work & Income & other support agencies & had to overcome many difficulties. Myan motivated each of these students to not only pass their course but take control of their lives & improve their self esteem. He inspired some meaningful changes in many of their lives. Consequently all of these students passed the course & I’m sure are better off having experienced Myan’s unique way of mentoring and motivating them.

I am happy to endorse Myan in adult learning and training and know that many will benefit from Myan’s motivational and empowering ways.

DEBORAH BATCHEN, MNZITT, Migrant Enterprise Trust Advisor

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